Believing you can change the world is the first step to doing so. In May of 2013 the world lost an amazing person. Honor was my mentor teacher and we taught kindergarten together for a number of years. After her passing I felt there were so many people who were cheated out of getting to know her so, to keep her memory alive, I wrote a book about her. This book reminds us all to seek out and find the people who make our days brighter, or more yellow, just by being the kind people they are. This challenge to others has sparked a worldwide movement called Be The Yellow! It takes place each year on May 9, Honor’s birthday, and is a day to make the world a brighter place through kindness and positivity! Since it’s first celebration in 2014, Yellow Day has been celebrated in more than 35 U.S. states and 8 countries around the world! We are so excited to see Honor’s legacy of kindness spread to more schools, communities, states, and countries as it continues to gain attention.

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